Most companies have decided they need the business agility and want the cost savings that come when moving to the cloud. But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information floating around on the internet, not many really understand exactly what that means or what it entails. Here are the top business cloud myths you may have thought were true – but aren’t.

MYTH 1 - If our data moves to the cloud, our business will no longer have control over technology. FACT -  Moving to the cloud reduces time spent maintaining hardware and upgrading software, and you no longer need to budget for pricey severs for email storage and workloads. You can think strategically and support business managers in a much more agile fashion, responding to their needs quickly.

MYTH 2 - Keeping data on-premise is safer than in the cloud. FACT - Many companies are routinely hacked and don’t know it, as a result security has become a full-time job for experts requiring hefty salaries. Cloud technologies staff industry-leading regulatory compliance experts that most companies can only dream about.

MYTH 3 - I have to move everything to the cloud; it is an all-or-nothing scenario. FACT - Most implementations start with a hybrid approach, moving a single application, like email and growing from there. The hybrid cloud creates a consistent platform that spans data centers and the cloud, simplifying IT and delivering apps and data to users on virtually any device, anywhere. It gives you control to deliver the computing power and capabilities that business demands, and to scale up or down as needed without wasting you onsite technology investments.

MYTH 4 - Cloud migration is too much for my business to handle. FACT - “Going cloud” may seem daunting and overwhelming. It’s not as easy as pie, but you can be up quickly for agile initiatives and calculated data migrations. We’ll help you every step of the way with information and tips on firewall configurations, reverse proxy requirements, identity options, migration possibilities, and a phased approach for hybrid setups.

MYTH 5 - Cyberthieves and the government will have access to my data if it is in the cloud. FACT - Your IT team manages access, sets up rights and restrictions, and provides smartphone access and options. Your company remains the sole owner. You retain the rights, title and interest in the data stored in the cloud. Strict controls and design elements prevent mingling of your data with that of other organizations.

MYTH 6 - Email isn’t any simpler in the Cloud. FACT - By moving your business email to the cloud, you can rest easy knowing that the experts who created the software are taking care of the tricky maintenance, while your team keeps control of your company’s capabilities and of how your employees use features. Software updates and fixes are delivered automatically as soon as they are released.