Organize, Track and Interact With Customers Better

Finally, a solution that combines critical features of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a Sample Management (SM) system, and a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system all into one application designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Sales Management

MRxT tracks current and historic sales figures, sales rosters, and territory assignments. It manages complete customer profiles and territory alignment data, and has the ability to send messages internally providing an interface for communication.

Sample Management

The application tracks and reconciles all sample inventory to meet FDA requirements. It records each representative's sample inventory events including: shipments, delivery receipts, physical counts, transfers, returns and losses.


MRxT provides powerful reporting tools to analyze data into a tabular form with interactive dashboard charting. Configure report properties, run a report history and set report parameters. Create models that connect to and retrieve data from ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

FDA Compliant

This unique system was designed to comply fully with all applicable federal and state regulations, including audit trails, time stamping, state license validation, lot tracking, loss recording, and all other FDA requirements.

Save Time & Money

MRxT collects call details from both paper and electronic sources. No additional IT staff or infrastructure necessary, and includes 24/7 support and remote access. MRxT is so efficient and easy to use, third party support is not required.

Customization Options

A modular architecture allows you to cost-effectively implement only those aspects of MRxT that your company needs. This Oracle database integrates with a variety of administrative and technology applications.